If you are looking for a handmade soap that is simply wonderful, you have come to the right place! We make “Food for your Skin”! Our soaps colorants are infused plants and clays. We do not use dyes or micas. We like to keep our soaps as natural as possible to feed your skin.

We surprised ourselves when we made our first batch of soap, we could not believe the difference in the quality of our skin!  As we continued to make more and more batches of soap we became addicted! Then our skin became baby soft again, no more dryness, rashes or bumps just simply silky skin. Once you go all natural handmade soap there is no going back.

We create handcrafted soap made with ingredients that is good for your skin, using the hot process method. We love to add those wonderful butters after the cook, so they will moisturize your skin, instead of drying out your skin, creating a moisture barrier. Our batches of soap are small to ensure quality and freshness of each product. No two batches of soap are identical as each batch takes on its own identity. We use high end oils and Raw Goat Milk and as many local ingredients as possible from, local farms and gardens. Our Handmade soaps are made with all natural skin loving luxurious ingredients, creating skin care bars that are incomparable to the factory made, chemical laden products that you find in your local grocery store.

Be good to your skin and set yourself free from the toxins found in factory made, chemical laden products! Once you use our products on a regular basis you will see a significant improvement in the quality of your skin, as you detoxify your body from the big soap companies found in grocery store aisles as they frequently are not soap at all, but a bar of detergent.